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Local Dentists in Vancouver WA

Dentists in Vancouver WA

There are over 5,000 active dentists in the state of Washington.  Dr. Lisa Newkirk with Island Family Dental recognizes that when it comes to selecting a Vancouver dentist for you and your family, you have many options and we want to thank you for being part of the valued family of Island Family Dental patients.

Vancouver Dentist Reviews

When it comes to selecting the right dentist in Vancouver, many dental patients want to read reviews of the dentist.  We have compiled a list of customer reviews that our patients have written about both Dr. Newkirk and Island Family Dental.  You can read Vancouver Dentist Reviews for Dr. Newkirk on our website as well as popular review websites on the internet.  We understand that receiving positive reviews from our dental patients comes from going the extra mile and that is something we always try to do.

Licensed Dentists in Vancouver

In addition to dental reviews, dental patients want to know that they are doing business with a licensed dentist in Vancouver like Dr. Lisa Newkirk with Island Family Dental.  The Washington state Department of Health provides easy access to credentials for health care professionals like Dr. Newkirk.  Using the Provider Credential Search, you can search for Dr. Lisa Newkirk’s Dentist License.

Local Dentists in Vancouver WA

Comprehensive Family Dental Care in Vancouver

The value provided by being a family dentist that takes care of the whole family another reason that dental patients select Dr. Newkirk with Island Family Dental as their preferred dentist.  On any given day Dr. Newkirk sees patients from age 9 months to 90 years old.  In addition to seeing dental patients of all ages, Island Family Dental is a full service dental clinic with services from veneers and teeth whitening to root canals and dental check-ups.  Island Family Dental even provides emergency dental services in Vancouver!  Dr. Newkirk opened Island Family Dental to provide convenient, comprehensive dental care for Vancouver families.

Thank You for Choosing Island Family Dental Care

If you have any questions about Dr. Newkirk or Island Family Dental, please do not hesitate to call our office at (360) 718-8861.  We understand that you have many choices when selecting a dentist in Vancouver and we genuinely appreciate you choosing Island Family Dental!

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