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Dental Crowns Vancouver WADental Crowns

Whether you’ve recently had an accident or just have teeth that are especially susceptible to decay, you might find yourself in search of a dentist that can provide dental crowns in Vancouver, WA.

A dental crown, which is also called a cap, covers a decayed or fractured tooth and restores it to its original shape and size. By putting a cap over a damaged tooth, you can decrease the pain you feel and have a more brilliant-looking smile.

What Do Dental Crowns Look Like?

Though, in the past, dental crowns have been made out of silver or gold, it is more common to use porcelain dental caps on teeth. These are stronger, last longer, and look more like the other teeth in your mouth so you can keep up a dazzling smile without embarrassment.

Because our dentist, Dr. Lisa Newkirk, understands that your smile is important to you as well as your dental health, Dr. Newkirk and her assistants will fit a dental crown on your tooth so it is comfortable and completely customized to fit your needs.

Dental Crowns Promote Overall Dental Health

Dental crowns in Vancouver are typically used to protect and strengthen teeth. They should be placed before the tooth fractures to prevent any further damage. Additionally, dental crowns can decrease the likelihood that you will need the following dental procedures in the future:

  • Dental implants
  • Tooth removal
  • Root canals

Just like regular teeth, however, brushing and flossing daily is still needed to keep up to maintain the crown, the tooth, and the gums around the affected area.

When to Get a Dental Crown

After a severe cavity is found, Dr. Newkirk will sometimes recommend that our patients get caps on their teeth. This is because we suspect that a simple filling may not be enough to protect the tooth. Weak teeth are another reason why our dentist would suggest that you get a crown. With a crown, we can preserve your tooth for much, much longer.

At Island Family Dental, we see new patients and patients we’ve previously established relationships with on a daily basis. To find out whether or not you need of a Vancouver dental crown, call Island Family Dental at (360)-718-8861 today!

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