Dental Fillings for Cavities in Vancouver, WA

Historical records show that dental patients in China have been going to the dentist to get a filling for a cavity since the year 659. Today, when dental patients need a dental filling for a cavity in Vancouver, they come to Dr. Newkirk at Island Family Dental.

What Causes Cavities

Cavities are the result of tooth decay. Particles from food are broken down into acids in our mouth. When those acids combine with saliva, plaque forms. Plaque attacks the surface of the teeth which creates holes in your teeth. These holes in your teeth are called cavities.

Types of Dental Fillings

To stop the cavity from growing and to prevent further plaque damage, dentists like Dr. Newkirk use fillings to fill the holes in teeth created by cavities. Dental fillings today are either made from a mixture of copper, tin, and silver are known as amalgam dental fillings or they are made from a glass and plastic mixture known as composite. Composite dental fillings are popular because they are tooth colored compared to the silver appearance of amalgam dental fillings.

Dental Fillings for Cavities Vancouver WA

Diagnosing and Preventing Cavities

Sensitivity to cold or hot foods can be a sign that you have a cavity. If you can see holes or crevices in your teeth, you likely have a cavity and should consult with a doctor to see if you need a dental filling. Keeping your regular dental appointments is the best way to know if you have a cavity and the best way to ensure that little cavities do not turn into big problems. During your regular dental check-up, Dr. Newkirk will check your teeth for soft spots to check for cavities that may need a dental filling. In addition to your check-up, Dr. Newkirk will use x-rays to check to see if cavities that are not yet visible to the eye are forming. If you do have a cavity that needs a filling, Dr. Newkirk will explain which options are available to you.

Questions and Appointments

To submit a question about cavities or fillings, you can submit your question using our contact form to the right. If you have a cavity and need a dental filling or if you would like to make a dental appointment to check for cavities, please call Island Family Dental at (360) 718-8861.

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