4 Oral Hygiene Travel Essentials

For many of us, taking a spring or summer vacation means you can relax and take a break from your busy life. However, just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean your oral hygiene should do the same.

Travelling, though fun, can have a negative impact on our daily habits. The odd hours, long flights, and unfamiliar surroundings mean you might neglect your skip dental care and end up with “traveler’s breath”. To protect your oral health while traveling, be sure to remember to pack these four essential items before you go:

1. Water Bottle

You should take a water bottle everywhere you go. A dry mouth can increase the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in our mouths. If you enjoy a soda or some juice, or even a mid-flight cocktail, make sure to rinse with water afterward. This will help rid your mouth of any remaining sugars and acids in your mouth.

2. Teeth-Friendly Snacks

Being on the road or in the air makes it easy to indulge in lots of delicious food. In fact, sometimes that is one of the best things about being on vacation! If you are careful and diligent, your teeth don’t have to suffer through the indulgences. Keep on-hand fibrous snacks like apples, broccoli, and carrots. These foods have a natural abrasiveness that scrub your teeth and help them resist plaque buildup.

Conversely, you may find yourself with a dry, stale mouth because you aren’t eating often enough! Skipping meals causes a decrease in the healthy saliva that is produced whenever you chew on food. Keep healthy snacks handy during those gaps between meals.

3. Sugarless Chewing Gum

Often when we are traveling, stopping to brush our teeth just isn’t feasible. You can chew some sugar-free gum in a pinch. It will freshen your breath and help clean your mouth until you are able to brush your teeth.

4. Your Toothbrush

When you’re packing your bags, don’t forget your oral health necessities: floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.


Tips for Packing Your Toothbrush:


  • Keep it dry and clean. Toothbrush caps or bags are great for keeping bristles clean in your luggage.
  • Keep travel-sized brushes and toothpaste in your carry-on. This way if your luggage gets lost or delayed, your teeth won’t be affected.

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