Prepare Your Smile for Your Wedding Day

One detail that is often overlooked when preparing for the big day is your smile. While considerable attention is given to the dress, the flowers, and even the table settings, a little planning ahead with your dentist to improve the appearance of your teeth can really pay off.

Whether you are interested  in whitening, orthodontics, or even veneers, an Island Family Dentist will help you finally achieve the beautiful smile you have always dreamed  about.

Teeth Whitening: DIY or Professional?

If you want to whiten your teeth, whitening strips, special toothpastes, and rinses are by and large the most cost-effective options. However, you typically get what you pay for because the results won’t be as good as what you would achieve with professional whitening.

If you only need to get your teeth slightly whiter, however, an at-home solution may be all you need. For best results, you should begin using the whitening strips at least one or two weeks in advance, and for toothpastes and rinses, at least a month in advance.

At-Home Whitening Trays

Another teeth-whitening option is at-home custom whitening trays. These trays cost more than strips and toothpastes, but they provide better results as long as directions are followed closely. We recommend beginning using whitening trays about one month before the wedding or photo shoots.

In-Office Tooth Whitening Procedure

The highest quality, safest, and quickest way to achieve a glowing, brilliant smile is by investing in professional whitening. Whitening sessions will take place at the dental office and comes with a higher price tag than take-home options, but the fantastic results are worth it!

Teeth Straightening

Sometimes there are other dental issues to take care of before the wedding day, and orthodontics can be an option. Orthodontic appliances can be expensive, but the results are incredible. Having straight teeth can boost confidence and make you happy to smile!

If orthodontics are what you need to improve your smile, you will need to plan pretty far in advance– braces or invisible aligners need to be worn for about a year, so don’t delay and schedule a consultation if you suspect nuptials in your future!

Chip and Cavity Repair

If you find yourself dealing with one of these setbacks before your wedding, veneers and tooth bonding are both great options to consider. Veneers are color-matched to blend in with your natural teeth, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking smile. After a fitting, they can be applied after about two weeks.

Tooth bonding covers damaged or discolored teeth with plastic resin. They don’t last as long as veneers, but they can be applied in just one visit.

Let Us Help Make Your Special Day Perfect

Whether you are looking for a whitening process or something more, you can count on us to help make your wedding day smile as beautiful as possible. Contact us today for a consultation to see what we can do for you!

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