Six Signs You Should Schedule a Dental Visit

Most people know that you should see a dentist for a cleaning roughly every six months, just like people know they should come in for a visit if theyre experiencing pain in their mouths or bleed when brushing. But those arent the only signs to make a dental appointment. 

There are plenty of things you should look at. Its always better to potentially catch something earlier than let it build over time and do more damage than needed. 

Here are a few signs to pay attention to that mean its time to make an appointment with Island Family Dental:

You wake up with headaches regularly

If you go to sleep feeling great and wake up in the middle of the night with your head pounding, that can mean a few things. Your mind might not jump to an oral issue first, but that can be because you are unknowingly grinding or clenching your teeth at night. If you notice some soreness in your jaw when you chew your first meal of the day, it could also be a sign of jaw misalignment. 

Your dentist can offer suggestions and solutions, such as mouth guards, to reduce headaches, realign your jaw, and protect your teeth from excessive wear.

You regularly have a dry mouth

A healthy mouth is well lubricated with saliva, which is used to wash away food particles and neutralize the acids produced by plaque. If you find your mouth unusually dry, it could an indicator of a few potential illnesses. 

If you come in to have it looked at, your dentist can determine whats causing your mouth dryness and suggest ways to restore moisture and help protect your teeth. 

You are pregnant

There are tons of things to keep in mind while being pregnant, and your oral health is certainly one of them. Pregnancy can amplify some dental issues, so its vital to keep up on your dental visits. Many pregnant women discover their normally healthy gums may start appearing red, swollen, or even bleeding when brushing. You should keep up with your good dental habits, but a visit to the dentist is a good idea.

Plan on a visit to the dentist in your first or second trimester for comfort. Be prepared to talk about any morning sickness, as frequent vomiting can erode your enamel, and problems with your gums.

If you have long-lasting bumps and sores

When you get a canker sore in your mouth, it tends to go away within a week or two. However, other oral lesions need to be treated. One common one is a fungal infection called thrush or candidiasis, which can show up as white sores on the tongue, inner cheek, tonsils, or roof of your mouth. 

You have diabetes or other ongoing medical issues

People with either Type I or Type II diabetes have a higher chance of gingivitis and periodontitis than those without. Healthy glucose levels and good oral hygiene are important for a diabetic and the health of their mouth. People with diabetes are more prone to thrush, which thrives on high sugar levels in saliva. Thrush is a fungal (yeast) infection that can grow in your mouth, throat, and other parts of your body.

You have loose or shifting teeth

Chances are if youre reading this, its been a few decades since your most recent visit from the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, your adult teeth shouldnt really be moving around.  If you notice slight movement or widening gaps, take it seriously. It could be a sign of infection or bone loss. Also, look out for changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite or changes in the fit of partial dentures.

Youre one step away from a healthy smile by booking an appointment at Island Family Dental.

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